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Learning Languages.

Learning languages Studies

Hăo! An introduction to Chinese

The Learning Languages Series (LLS) provides multi-media materials designed for teachers and students who are new to language learning. The series is designed for year 7 and 8 students and supports Level 1 and 2 achievement objectives in the curriculum of the respective languages.

Hao! An introduction to Chinese

Hăo! An introduction to Chinese comprises an introductory unit and 20 units of work, each with a distinct theme and specific learning outcomes. Each unit of work includes three lessons – Lesson A, B, C. The course has been designed to run for 20 weeks with three half hour lessons per week. It may take longer to complete the course as timetabling of classes will vary for each school. It is suggested that 'a little, often' is the best way to learn another language, so regular timetabling of classes is recommended. The integrated package of materials includes:

  • teacher's guide and classroom support materials, including transcripts of the CD audio and video
  • a double audio CD
  • a video introducing the specific language.

Written materials

The teacher's guide and classroom support materials are provided in two folders: one for units 1–9 and the second for units 10–20. The printed materials include transcripts of the CD audio and video.


The video is an integral part of every lesson. It is intended to be shown at the start of each lesson to introduce the theme and language. (If it is helpful, replay the same section of the video at the end of the lesson when the students can share what they learned during the lesson.) As well as scenarios from China, there are also language practice scenes filmed with local New Zealand students. These reinforce the language focus. Each video unit ends with different shots that provide a glimpse of the culture and people of China.

Showing the video many times supports the practice – 'a little, often'. To reinforce learning, part or all of a video unit might be shown before the students go to lunch, or at the end of the day outside language learning times. The same approach can be used with the audio CDs.

Audio CD

The course includes a double CD for use with the introduction unit and units 1–20. The CD is intended to be used during each lesson to model the pronunciation of the language used in that particular lesson.

Ordering materials

The parts of each language set can be ordered separately. Schools may request free copies of the two folders of units for each teacher of the specified language in the school, as well as one free copy of the video and of the double audio CD for that language. Additional copies of the video or the double audio CD can be ordered at the education price of $25.00.

Schools that do not already have the introductory video to the whole series can order one free copy or additional copies at the education price of $25.00.

Please quote the item numbers set out below:

  • Introductory video to the LLS - Item Number 10544
  • Teacher's guide and support materials (Units 0-10) - Item Number 10756
  • Teacher's guide and support materials (Units 11-20) - Item Number 10757
  • Audio Double CD - Item Number 10755
  • DVD video - (Units 0-20) - 10754

For enquiries or orders, contact:

Freephone 0800 660 662 Freefax 0800 660 663
Email: orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz

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