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Learning Languages update.

Learning Languages update

February 15 2019

Dear teachers, school leaders and friends of Uniservices,

Welcome back to 2019 after what we trust was a restful holiday period with loved ones. We hope that the school year has started well for everyone and that the Learning Languages curriculum area is ready to take off in your school or workplace.

This email is to advise you of some changes to Ministry of Education Learning Languages contracts as delivered by Uniservices. Towards the end of 2018 the Ministry of Education indicated that they wanted the Learning Languages contract to look vastly different from what has previously been on offer ie ILEP programmes and services and the TPLT programme. As a result of the ensuing tender process Uniservices secured the Learning Languages contract with the MoE and below you will find updates to take place from 2019 for the next three years:

What has changed?
• Uniservices has created Future Learning Solutions - a central education business unit which houses contracts for Wellbeing, Maori, Pasifika, Languages, Leadership and Literacy.
• ILEP and TPLT no longer exist
• The ILEP Introduction and Consolidation programmes will no longer be offered
• The TPLT programme will no longer be offered
• ILEP and TPLT websites will transfer to Future Learning Solutions
• Teacher Development Advisers and In-School Support Facilitators are now known as Professional Experts

What stays the same?
• Our support remains free of charge to teachers and schools throughout New Zealand
• We support teachers of languages from primary to secondary school
• National Language Advisers are available as experts in language and culture in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. These experts offer one on one support as well as providing workshops throughout Aotearoa
• Immersion programmes to China, New Caledonia, Japan and Spain will continue to be offered to upskill language and cultural skills. Support of the Goethe Institut programmes will remain.
• French, German and Spanish Language Assistants will remain in schools throughout Aotearoa offering their support as native speakers
• High quality support from Professional Experts to ensure that Learning Languages remains a viable and sustainable curriculum area in all schools in Aotearoa
• Advocacy on behalf of teachers and schools for the Learning Languages curriculum area
• Collaboration with organisations and individuals who support Learning Languages

What is new? Future Learning Solutions Learning Languages will:
• support all Pasifika languages
• support New Zealand Sign Language
• offer three main streams of support: EXPLORE, GROW and MASTER.
• EXPLORE: one off nationwide workshops, events and resources which target key areas for development such as the Ellis principles, supporting heritage and native speakers in the languages classroom and many other diverse subjects
• GROW: a year long programme of workshops and support in clusters around New Zealand
• MASTER: advice and support for identifying next steps in the Learning Language journey for individuals

You can read more about what is on offer here.

How do you and your school or organisation get involved?
• We will soon launch our advertising and registrations for EXPLORE and GROW
• Get in touch with us to ask more questions and ensure that you know about everything we offer under our new contracts with the Ministry of Education
• Let us know what subjects you need support with so that we can ensure we are offering tailored support

We are very excited about the launch of Future Learning Solutions particularly as it creates strength and cohesion in what is offered to teachers, schools and our communities. Rest assured that we will keep you updated as aspects such as websites and deliverables are ready to launch.

We are looking forward to being in contact and visiting you in schools soon. In the meantime, have a wonderful start to the school year.

Noho ora mai.
Morgan Patterson | Programme Manager - Learning Languages

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