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2020 Language and Cultural Immersion Programmes.

2020 Language and Cultural Immersion Programmes

December 6 2019

Has it been too long since you were immersed in the language and culture that you teach?

Is an international trip normally too tricky to manage with your home and work life, let alone our uncertain Covid-19 world?

The 2020 Language and Cultural Immersion Programmes for teachers of Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish are an opportunity for teachers to spend five nights in Queenstown soaking up their target language and culture with the Future Learning Solutions' team, other selected teachers from around the country and language/culture specific organisations.

This programme is FREE* for NZ registered (all category) teachers of languages.

Programme content includes:

Daily language classes in the target language.
Daily inter-cultural activities/events.
Two formal evening meals.

Key dates:

German, Japanese and Spanish: Sunday 27 September - Friday 2 October, 2020
Chinese and French: Sunday 4 October  - Friday 9 October, 2020

Benefits of these programmes:

Refresh your language and culture alongside other teachers
Expert language tuition
Use your language in activities in and around Queenstown
Feel re-inspired to go back to your classrooms with new ideas and tools
Connect with other teachers
Individual language programmes are available so check them out to see what you could be doing for one week of the Term Three school holidays.


Applicants must be currently teaching the target language of the programme that they apply for. Preference will be given to New Zealand registered teachers who:

Are currently engaged with Future Learning Solutions' professional pathways i.e. GROW, Explore, National Language Advisor workshops or PACT.
Are involved in Levels 1 to 4, Years 7-10, of the learning languages area of the curriculum.
Are non native speakers of the target language programme that they apply for.

For more information, please visit https://ilep.ac.nz/domestic-immersion-programmes?fbclid=IwAR0xq4-mVCzdzd53d5uLROwomj_rj09F4cRBIUYgkWSy4romgnO-ELkywWY

Queenstown Immersion 2020

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