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Starting August 2018, sign up now

Note: This programme is not available to teachers who are completing an ILEP programme or TPLT in 2018.

Do you teach Chinese Mandarin, Japanese or Korean in your school?
Would you like to join a network to support you in this role?
Do you want more practical teaching solutions and ideas based on well-researched theory?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then this new programme of cluster-based, teacher-led action research is definitely for you!

Join the ILEP team for a two-term intensive programme that will offer you the following:

Workshop 1 (full day)

  • Language as a process – real life language in the classroom
  • Modelling of best practice – followed by reflection and creation of your own resources
  • Turning theory into practice
  • Collaborating with others to create sustainable networks through a cluster inquiry
  • Teacher toolkit - practical tools to apply straight away
  • Support for non-native speakers to select a language course to complete during the two term programme

Online workshops (60mins each)

  • Four workshops over the two term programme, after school hours
  • Delivered in the flipped learning model – podcast and reading
  • Discussion forum and practical application

Classroom visits

  • 2 in-school support visits over the two term programme – cluster inquiry and application of toolkit focus
  • Follow up discussions with the programme facilitator
  • Progression in teaching pedagogy from visit one to visit two

Teacher videos

  • 2-5 minutes of evidence of your teaching based on elements of the programme

Workshop 2 (full day)

  • Discussion, analysis and next steps based on group feedback of teacher video
  • Big picture language learning – tying all elements of the programme to the NZC
  • Individual impact of the cluster inquiry
  • Sustainability of the cluster and inquiry

ILEP covers the following costs:

  • 2 x TRDs to cover workshops 1 and 2
  • Participant travel to join workshops (where applicable)
  • Up to $500 per participant (non-native speakers) towards a language course
  • Workshop catering

Schools cover the following costs:

  • 2 x 60 minutes teacher release (One hour of teacher release following each of the two in-school support visits. Teachers will be observed in class and require a one hour uninterrupted meeting with the ILEP facilitator to discuss the observation after its completion.)

Application forms are available for download.

For more information, contact: Morgan Patterson, ILEP Director
027-200 2601, pathwaymanager@ilep.ac.nz

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