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Online Resources for Asian Languages

Asia-focused Websites and Organisations


Asia Education Foundation

Contains a wide range of resources including teaching advice, resource sheets, student activities, and web links for studies of Asia.

Asia for Educators

This site from Columbia University contains many resources on the geography, culture, politics, and history of Asian countries, focusing on Japan and China in particular. The site provides resources for learning Japanese and Chinese, including animations showing stroke order, pronunciation guides, and reading activities. 

Asian Education Teachers Association

The Asian Education Teachers Association provides lesson plans, lists websites, and offers support for teachers at all levels of schooling.

Asia New Zealand Foundation

This website promotes greater understanding of the countries and peoples of Asia. It features online resources for teachers, research, an events calendar, and other useful information for those wishing to learn more about Asia and New Zealand relations.

Ask Asia

Contains cultural information and various classroom resources, as well as links to relevant people, places, and institutions.

For more resources, see the Language Resources section.

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