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Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLiS)

Learning any language within the NZ Curriculum is an important skill to develop key competencies. The Ministry of Education began the Asian Language Learning in Schools (ALLiS) programme in 2014 in order to support the establishment of sustainable Asian languages. This reflects the prominence of Asia in the world currently and in the future. Because of the closeness of Asia and New Zealand, it is increasingly important for students in New Zealand to have linguistic and cultural knowledge of China, Japan, and Korea.

To find out more about the ALLiS funding, go to the Ministry of Education website.

Support for ALLiS Schools

There are various resources and sources of support for teachers and students of Asian Languages.

As well as this, the Ministry of Education provides specific guidance and structured professional support for schools, clusters and individual teachers who are receiving additional funding. This is offered through ILEP, whose specialised ALLiS team who have programmes, workshops and online platforms tailored for ALLiS.

Go to the ALLiS section on the ILEP website for more information, or email pathwaymanager@ilep.ac.nz.

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