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Tokelauan Language Week.

Tokelauan Language Week

October 23 2019


Learn some simple greetings and phrases in Tokelauan:

Malo ni – Hello

E ā mai koe? - How are you?

Ko au e mālohi, Fakafetai - I am well thank you

Tulou - Excuse Me

Fakamolemole – Please

Fakafetai – Thank you

Interesting and Fun Facts:

1) Tokelau one of the smallest countries in the world with a total local population of around 1,500 people.

2) The name of the country is translated from the local language as 'north wind'.

3) To get to Tokelau you have to go by ship from Samoa as no planes fly there. Ships travel every 2 weeks.

4) All the electricity available in Tokelau is generated by solar panels. It is the only country in the world where 100% of the electricity consumed comes from the sun. And that’s really great for the ecology!

5) Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand consisting of three coral atolls in the South Pacific.

6) Today, more Tokelauans live outside Tokelau than on the islands.

7) The Wellington region is home to the biggest Tokelauan population in New Zealand.

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