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ILEP Language Course Grant 2017

Your Professional Learning and Development in 2017

Depending on your experience and needs, you can join the ILEP Introduction to Language Teaching or ILEP Language Teaching Consolidation Programmes, TPLT, or AFS.

Applications for 2017 have closed.

These programmes cater for beginner teachers and/or teachers with little knowledge of the target language and language pedagogy through to experienced language teachers. By taking part you'll receive expert guidance as you focus on and further your teaching practice.

Find out more about what the programmes involve and teacher experiences:

Introduction to Language Teaching Programme

This ILEP programme is for teachers who are new to teaching languages in general, especially those with a limited knowledge of the language they teach or whose schools have recently introduced new languages programmes. It will also be useful for native speaker teachers with limited or no pedagogical background in language teaching.

The programme aims to provide a starting point; a practical grounding in language teaching pedagogy, one-to-one and peer support and the opportunity to network and share resources with other teachers in a similar situation. We aim to foster immediate and lasting benefits for teachers, students and schools.

"I felt like I was blundering my way through the lessons and doing my students a disservice by not having extensive content knowledge. I now know that I can use this to my advantage to show solidarity with my students by openly being in the learning pit with them."

- Nicola Corser, beginner teacher of Mandarin is completing the Introduction to Language Teaching programme this year. Nicola Corser Introduction 2016 (PDF, 278 KB)

Language Teaching Consolidation Programme

Through this programme, ILEP gives experienced language teachers ongoing support to further their knowledge and abilities and trial new ideas and concepts whilst creating a portfolio suitable for appraisals. The programme is suitable for teachers who have already completed a professional development programme and would like guidance in putting what they have learnt into practice, or teachers who may have had training some time ago and would like to reconnect with the pedagogy. The cluster-based structure includes feedback from peers as well as the programme facilitator and so encourages teachers to establish support networks across schools.

"The Consolidation stage is making me think about my teaching methods again. What works? What doesn’t? Why/why not? So I am constantly evaluating my lessons and what I have achieved or not achieved."

Hayley Johns, experienced teacher of German is completing the Language Teaching Consolidation programme this year.  Hayley Johns Consolidation 2016 (PDF, 289 KB)


TPLT is an in-service year-long professional development programme, through which teachers can improve their own language capabilities, update their understanding of effective second language teaching and reflect on their classroom practice through observations.

Find out more at www.tplt.ac.nz 

Contact/More Information

To make enquiries or apply for the ILEP Introduction to Language Teaching or Language Teaching Consolidation Programmes, contact Belinda Sydenham: b.sydenham@auckland.ac.nz

To make enquiries or apply for the TPLT programme, contact Wendy Thomson tplt@auckland.ac.nz

Not sure which is for you? Email Morgan Patterson, Pathway Manager: pathwaymanager@ilep.ac.nz or read more about the MoE-funded Professional Learning and Development Pathways for Learning Languages.

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