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Creating New Synergies: Approaches of Tertiary Japanese Programmes in New Zealand

Creating New Synergies: Approaches of Tertiary Japanese Programmes in New Zealand

This book provides timely insight into issues and strategies around Japanese language learning in New Zealand at the tertiary level, offering an example of what can be achieved through co-operation, collaboration and vision. Also, it is the very first book on New Zealand tertiary Japanese language education in its 50-year history.

Co-edited by Dr Ogino (University of Canterbury), Ms Dallas Nesbitt, (AUT), and Dr Penny Shino (Massey University), this book illustrates how Japanese programmes are reshaping and reconceptualising the traditional delivery of Japanese to encourage more students to take up and continue studying Japanese within a rapidly-changing and challenging learning environment. It also aims to motivate stakeholders with a vested interest in New Zealand’s relationship with Japan to consider how they, too, might play a role in promoting Japanese studies.

Interest in Japan can only grow with the upcoming hosting of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan (the first time the tournament will be held in Asia), and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but the editors are hoping that this book will contribute to the formation of strong foundations and approaches in Japanese language education that will endure beyond the short-lived allure of such events. Thus, the book highlights that learning Japanese as an additional language helps people develop a range of skills which add value to any career, including creativity, communication, interpersonal skills, flexibility and adaptability, self-awareness and confidence, and being attuned to diversity. The authors also hope this book will provide readers with innovative ideas, insights and inspiration for further development of their language programmes.

Find out more at: http://www.masseypress.ac.nz/books/all/all/creating-new-synergies

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