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MoE Language Immersion Awards for Teachers

Round 2 of the award applications are open to all language teachers currently teaching a second language within the New Zealand curriculum; French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Cook Island Maori, Samoan, Korean, Gagana Tokelau, Tongan and Vagahau Niue. Applicants must be fully registered New Zealand teachers by date of departure (provisionally registered teachers can apply but must be on track for their registration and fully registered by departure, a letter from your Principal must be included).

You must also:
- Be permanently employed by your school.
- Be teaching the language at school as part of the New Zealand curriculum at the time of application.
- Have the support of the principal and board
- Demonstrate ongoing language development in the school.
- Have NZ citizenship or residency.
- Available for short or long term Awards, applications from teachers at private schools and those applying for a second LIA will be accepted, but priority is given to first time applicants and teachers from state and integrated schools. Past participants must provide additional supporting documentation (as set out in the application).

All Awards are for language, not country destination.

Read about recent awardees from Round 1 in this Newsletter article:

  LIA story LL Newsletter October 16 (PDF, 766 KB) .

Round 2 applications for the 2017 LIA are open until the 10th March 2017

Please email prue.elwood@afs.org for a copy of the application pack.

Before applying, please check that you comply with the application criteria: LIA Criteria (PDF, 87 KB)

Find more information online about the Language Immersion Awards view website.

For teachers of Chinese:  LIA Chinese Teachers (PDF, 294 KB)

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