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Learning Languages.

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Foreign Language Assistant Programme 2018

The Foreign Language Assistant Programme, administered by ILEP and the respective donor government organisations, enables young native speakers to be employed as Language Assistants in New Zealand schools for 12 contact hours per week. This provides an invaluable source of up-to-date language and cultural input for New Zealand students of French, German and Spanish. The scheme is available to schools offering languages at secondary, intermediate and primary level.

Programme Dates:  the 2018 school year
Application Deadline for schools:  16 June 2017

Find out more about the programme on the flyer and the information sheet.

For an application form or any further questions, email ILEP's Intercultural Programmes Coordinator, Jennifer Thomson at programmes@ilep.ac.nz.

"We thoroughly enjoy having assistants work at our school. It adds an exciting dynamic to our programmes. Our language office is an exciting place to be at morning tea as there are multiple languages being spoken at once providing a truly international environment."

- Learning Languages Teacher

"Our students get to interact with a young French person, increasing the feeling of authenticity of their learning. They learn a lot about the perspectives of young French people and their lives. It is a programme which enriches the assistant, the staff that work with him/her and the students."

- Learning Languages Teacher

"I speak in Spanish as much as I can. The teacher who barely spoke Spanish at the beginning is much more confident and he speaks in Spanish to his students too."

- Spanish Language Assistant

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