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Fijian Language Week, 6 October — 12 October 2019.

Fijian Language Week, 6 October — 12 October 2019

October 4 2019


Ni sa bula vinaka!

It’s Fijian Language Week!

The language week celebrates the Fijian language and Fijian culture by promoting and raising awareness of the Fijian language in the home, in education, at work, in government, in the media, in sport, in the arts, in the church and in the community.

The Fijian language spoken in Fiji is a type of Austronesian language and is part of the MalayoPolynesian family. The Austronesian languages are normally found among islands in continental and Southeast Asia along with islands in the Pacific.

Words and phrases you can try:

Hello – Ni sa bula (nee sahm boola) or bula (mboola) for short

Goodbye – Ni sa moce (nee sa mo-they)

Good morning – Ni sa yadra (nee sa yandra)

Yes – Io (ee-o)

No – Sega (senga)

Please – Yalo vinaka (yalo vee-nahka)

Excuse me – Tolou (too low)

Thank you – Vinaka (vee-nahka)

Learn how to count to 20 in Fijian by watching the video! 

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