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Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar

Three participants recently returned from Sydney where they immersed in a Japanese language environment during a 3.5 days seminar held at The Japan Foundation. They had an ‘intensive time’ developing language skills, gaining confidence using Japanese, and developing language teaching strategies and skills which they can apply in their own classrooms:

”It was an amazing 3 and a half day seminar that included cultural skill teaching such as calligraphy and furoshiki (*see photo below). There were also writing lessons, and great classes showing us how we can effectively incorporate cultural topics into our lessons. There was also a class on popular Japanese culture. Straight away I was made to feel part of the learning group. Everyone was really friendly and supportive. I really recommend this seminar!”

“Having to spend the majority of the seminar speaking, listening and writing in Japanese definitely helped to consolidate language knowledge and boost proficiency. The classes on culture not only introduced us to familiar and not so familiar topics, but also stood as examples of how to structure a language lesson. It's definitely something I would implore other Japanese teachers attend.”

“The Japan Foundation Intensive Seminar I attended recently was an amazing opportunity for me to network with other Japanese teachers, practice my spoken Japanese in natural situations and learn about Japanese specific language skills and cultural aspects of Japan. Even though the three and a half days were quite intense, upon reflection I was surprised at the amount of functional content that was covered and it has inspired me to incorporate it into my own teaching.”

photo above: learning the skill of making furoshiki

Further Programme Information

The Japan Foundation offers places for New Zealand school teachers of Japanese (Years 7 to 10) to attend a 3½ day Japanese Intensive Seminar in Sydney. It is held at the Japan Foundation's Language Centre in Sydney twice a year, typically in January and September.

This seminar will enable teachers to develop language skills, gain confidence using Japanese and to develop language teaching strategies and skills that they can apply in their own classrooms. Specific focus includes intercultural language learning (ILL), language skills, Japanese culture for classroom activities and ICT-based learning. Participants will be immersed in a Japanese language environment suited to their level and will have ample opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and resources.

We invite all teachers who teach any year levels (Years 7 - 10) to submit an application. Applicants must be able to understand basic Japanese and are able to read and write hiragana and katakana (equivalent to at least level JLPT N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

For more details on the seminar, please see the Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar programme page on the ILEP website.

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